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Meet the Winner of the Emerald City Smoothie 60-Day Health Challenge

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May 12

Emerald City Smoothie

Meet the Winner of the Emerald City Smoothie 60-Day Health Challenge

by Emerald City Smoothie

We’re very happy to announce Rebecca Lynn Pomp as the winner of the Emerald City Smoothie 60-Day Challenge!  I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca, and in the short time we spent together, I left feeling inspired and motivated by her success. Rebecca’s story proves that small changes over time lead to big results.

Rebecca lost weight with the help of Weight Watchers points, but after hitting a plateau, she needed an extra boost. She turned to Emerald City Smoothie just as we were launching the 60-Day Health Challenge.  The contest details were simple:

Step 1: Visit our Facebook page to sign up for the contest and enter for chance to win $500 from Emerald City Smoothie.

Step 2: Replace one meal a day for 60 days with a high protein, low-carb smoothie from Emerald City Smoothie AND incorporate 30-45 minutes of exercise each day.

Step 3: Share your success story on Facebook throughout the 60-day journey.

Rebecca joined the contest in February and began replacing a meal each day with a healthy smoothie. The Vanilla Lean Out smoothie is among her favorites. Rebecca posted, “Doing the 60 day challenge! Currently drinking a vanilla lean out with natural fat burner today. Perfect drink to complete your peanut butter fix! Down 5 lbs since signing up! AND I got my free smoothie in the mail! Thanks for the support!”

Throughout the 60-day challenge Rebecca posted her progress on our Facebook page:

“Went to go buy new pants, they didn't have my size so I tried on an even SMALLER one and they FIT. Emerald Smoothie, where have you been all my life?! This is worth it! Anyone else have success stories?”

“I've lost 2 pant sizes! Feel great and full of energy. My husband even recognizes my success!”

By committing to the 60-Day Challenge, Rebecca overcame her weight loss plateau, dropped 2 pant sizes and discovered a passion for group fitness classes. So what’s next for Rebecca? She will continue to enjoy her daily smoothie and group fitness classes and plans to incorporate even more activity into her daily life.  Rebecca glows from the inside out, and we couldn’t be more proud of her success. Great job Rebecca!