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Pumpkin...Think Outside the Crust

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Oct 30

Emerald City Smoothie

Pumpkin...Think Outside the Crust

by Emerald City Smoothie

More Than Just Your Favorite Holiday Pie

Pumpkin puree is a great addition to many recipes such as muffins, breads, smoothies and more. Pumpkin is low in calories and is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber which can help boost immunity, lower your risk of heart disease, support cell reproduction and much more.

Vitamins: Pumpkin puree contains more than 38,000 IU of Vitamin A per cup. Vitamin A helps support cell reproduction, vision health, immune function, bone health, healing and fetal development. Pumpkin puree provides 39 mcg of vitamin K per cup to help with blood coagulation and potentially protect against osteoporosis.

Minerals: One cup of pumpkin puree provides more than 500 mg of potassium, more than you get in one banana. Potassium helps keep your mineral and fluid balance in check to promote proper heart rhythm and muscle function. Pumpkin also contains calcium, iron and other minerals that help support bone health, muscle contraction, immunity and nervous system function.

Antioxidants: Pumpkin's orange color is a clue to its high antioxidant content. The puree offers lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which support vision health. Pumpkin puree also provides vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports tissue repair and immunity, as well as vitamin E, which fights disease-causing free radicals in the body.

Fiber: Pumpkin puree contains 7 g of fiber per cup to help ensure a healthy digestive tract and reduce your risk of heart disease by helping to lower your cholesterol levels. The Institute of Medicine recommends women take in a minimum of 25 g of fiber daily and men a minimum of 38 g daily.

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