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Emerald City Smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie is a retail concept that marries superior taste and good health.

At the center of it all… an incredible tasting smoothie.

Watch Emerald City Smoothie TV SpotSince 1996 we have been a leader in the health revolution. It's simple, great tasting smoothies made with the highest quality ingredients available. Each one created with the goal of serving our customer superior nourishment for active healthy living.

Looking for a meal that fuels your lifestyle? Look no further.

Washington State is home to our first Emerald City Smoothie location and corporate office. We have 40+ stores open nationwide including: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah and Connecticut. Look for more locations coming soon!

Jobs at Emerald City Smoothie

If you are interested in working at an Emerald City Smoothie location please visit the specific store page where you are seeking employment and download the application.

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