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Why Emerald City Smoothie?

Emerald City Smoothie is a great franchise opportunity in today's growing $2 billion juice and smoothie bar industry. If you are looking for a significant franchise opportunity with a low cost of entry and high upside potential, you may be a great candidate to be a franchise owner. With a proven track record of growth, Emerald City Smoothie is a premium brand in an industry that America whole heartedly supports.

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“Customers are embracing the smoothie trend in a major way, and for a variety of different reasons. Consumers are attracted to smoothies because they are seen as a healthier option to sweets and other on-the-go meals”
David Lockwood, Mintel Reports.

Emerald City Smoothie customers have a distinct profile that will help you target them from the first day. While customers span across all age ranges, they value good health and most enjoy participating in some type of fitness activity, sport or exercise routine. They value a great tasting meal and seek out Emerald City Smoothie as an alternative to fast food. They consider smoothies to be either a meal replacement or a way to treat or reinforce their exercise regimen and health goals.

Sixty-seven percent of customers frequent our stores 3-5 times per week. One hundred percent of customers surveyed indicate they will buy an additional smoothie from ECS; 39% were referred to Emerald City Smoothie by a friend. Customers’ top three buying criteria are as follows: 32% taste, 25% service and 21% health.

*Customer Study by integrated brand experts Parker LePla.


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