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Nutrition Bites

Did You Know?

#1: Not all vegetable oils are healthy.

Soybean, sunflower, and corn oil all contain large amounts of omega-6 fatty acids which increases the chances of low-grade inflammation in the body. Oils with this fatty acid may also contribute to oxidative stress which helps heart disease form.

#2: Raw spinach will have the same amount of protein as a sirloin steak.

Broccoli also contains more protein per calorie than steak does. However, these leafy greens do not have the same number of calories as steak does.

#3: Regular water intake is essential for the human body.

Regularly drinking water will help your body maintain its temperature and lubricates the joints in the body. It also flushes out waste from vital organs which helps it function properly each day.

#4: Vegetables such as broccoli, parsley, and brussels sprouts have more Vitamin C than oranges.

Some interesting nutrition facts about these vegetables is that they also have higher traces of Vitamin C per 100g. Chili peppers, on the other hand, have about 400% more Vitamin C per 100g of oranges.

#5:Vitamins are short for Vital Amines.

The term came from a scientist named Casimir who died in 1967. There are around 15 known types of vitamins today.